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The Jasmine-Melur

I noticed that my jasmine plant has been flowering heavily since the past 2-3 months. Maybe because I have been pruning the wildly arranged soft branches it has.

My Chinese neighbor who live in front of my house hires an Indian guy to take care of his garden and I noticed he has a big bush of jasmine plants in front of his gate.

Inspired by the flowering jasmine, I bought one pot for my yard and mine has been flowering as well.


Now I’m trying to plant another pot by cutting the branch and stick in a pot of soil.

Last Saturday when I cleaned up my front yard and rearranged the flower and greens pots I noticed the branch seems to be alive (as long as it does not dry up and the leaves attached to it are still green in color), I hope it will grow soon.


See all the flowers dropped to the cement floor, sometimes I wish the rain wouldn’t be too harsh and that heavy.

Pity the jasmine flowers.

Whenever I find the time to go out to my front yard, I always pick those flowers and put them in a glass in my living hall.

At least they could still smell like jasmine before the sun dries them up.

Lemongrass – Serai

Sometimes I thought my lemongrass plants are part of the weeds or lalang that grow on the yard.

Until I take a closer look and see that the lower portion of the thick grass is really serai that you can used in cooking..haha! Should have mowed my lawn more often, huh!


Take a closer look, I never realized it can grow so big.

This serai stalk is sold in KL for 50sen for 2 stalks (unless you go to the big wet market -pasar borong to buy in bulk). That’s why I plant my own lemongrass since for certain dishes you need up to 10-20 stalks.


I had another bunch of serai plant but I think that one is dying. So I plant another bunch for easy use later. Hope this one will survive longer.

The Galangal-Lengkuas

If you ever wonder how galangal (lengkuas)plant looks like, check out the picture below. The picture was taken right before it started to rain last week. I have to dig out the rhizome because I need it to cook singgang. If you want to learn what singgang is all about, do drop by at my cooking and food blog, later.


I hardly used lengkuas in my cooking so usually when I bought lengkuas at the market, I always end up having a growing one in the kitchen.

It is quite easy to grow, you just soak the rhizome in water and after a few days you can see new eyes coming out and if you really let it soak further you can actually see new roots and leaves starting to grow.

That’s why I have such a big lengkuas plant at the yard in front of my house. It’s all because of the soaking I did to save the bought galangal rhizome, haha!

Welcome To Laman Hati

It’s my pleasure to have you as my reader. This is the blog that shares about gardening on this other side of the globe. I live in Malaysia where the climate is hot and humid all year round, with heavy rains on almost daily basis in certain months.


Most of the plants that grow well are tropical plants found in South East Asia countries. I focus on herbs, edible plants and flowering greens to lighten up my not so spacey yard.

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