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Japanese Lily

I think it is called Japanese Lily – Lilium speciosum based on what I read from Reader’s Digest-The Complete Guide To Houseplants book. But I’m not sure whether this is what species because the picture in the book is different that the one that I have in my garden.


Since the plant is already flowering, perhaps it’s about time that I repot it to a bigger terracota pot. It’s like rewarding them for blooming..haha!

Check out the close up picture of the flower.


Now the flowers are all dying out and I hope soon it will bloom again. But I have to check whether this kind of bulb plant dies after flowering or it will continue to grow. This is the first time that I try to plant something right from the bulb, so I was kind of very excited to see it finally grow this big and flowering.

Curry Leaves

I have this curry leaves plant for almost 4 years now. By right, it should have grown taller and bigger than this but I don’t know, maybe because I planted it in pot rather than on the ground.


But I am grateful that it is still alive after all these years. I hardly use the leaves except occasionally when I need to fry squid or make some Indian fritters from dhall. But I think it would be a lost if it dies because curry leaves is a common herbs in Malaysian cooking.

Since I simply use a few leaves each time to cook, it would be a hassle to buy a whole lot from the sundry shop everytime I feel like cooking something that has to use it as part of the ingredients.

So my curry plant, grow well and never die, OK! haha!

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