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With sad heart I have to admit that this is not jasmine. Thanks to Layman for the info, although I really want it to be a non-poisonous plant, but as a matter of fact Nerium Oleander L is a poisonous plant that could kill people.


Taken from a website, it says that “All parts of the oleander are poisonous, because of this, the plant should be restricted to locations where direct contact with people will be limited.”


For now I think it is still safe to have this Oleander in my garden. But perhaps in years to come I should consider removing it..huhu!

What Kind of Jasmine?

I’ve been searching about this Jasmine (well, I still think it’s one of the jasmine family) though after googling through between the descriptions of Trachelospermum jasminoides and Trachelospermum asiaticum both do not fit my jasmine plant.

When I bought this almost 4 years ago, the man at the nursery told me this is another type of jasmine. It has a fragrant blossoms that continuously grow well despite the sun and the rain.


From what I read, the T.asiaticum or Asian jasmine plant should have oval leaves while mine is quite long and thin leaves.


And those flowers images on the Web do not have whiskers like my flowers. Now I wonder whether this plant really belongs to a jasmine family.


So anybody out there who knows the real name for this plant, do drop by and tell me. It is really bugging me to think that I don’t know what kind of jasmine-like plant I actually have in my garden..huhu!

Kunyit – Turmeric

This is what happen when you bought too much fresh turmeric for cooking. In the end all the fresh rhizomes start to grow on their own and I have no choice but to plant them in pots. At the moment I have like 3 pots of turmeric plants.


This time I think my turmeric leaves are all save from being eaten by grasshoppers like last time. But it seems after few weeks there is some pest problem on the leaves side. Maybe lack of water spraying and the unstable climate of hot, dry and wet leads to such problem.

I have moved the plants to some place that accessible to rain so that in case I am too busy to water them, they won’t be in a draught for many days. If all manage to grow well I think I will repot them all into one big pot for easy maintenance.

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