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Floria 2007 – Flora Fest In Putrajaya

It’s like an annual event to go to Flora Fest held in Putrajaya. This time it was held for 9 days. I was hoping to go on the first day but I was busy with with work and only managed to go on Saturday before it was over. Of course most of the flowers used in the arrangement were all drooping and turning blackish especially the one in the outdoor exhibition.


Here is a picture of one of the floral arrangements that won gold award. Perhaps anyone would like to copy the design to use during the coming festive Raya season..hehe!


Then there was bigger arrangement useful for wedding and party decoration. They all used fresh flowers so it must costs a lot if I were to use this as decoration for party or my niece’s wedding dais.


This one was named Bed of Roses. I wonder what Bon Jovi would think of this..haha! It used a lot of roses. I think I have to buy direct from rose farm in Cameron Highland to really cut cost.

Spathoglottis plicata-Philippine ground orchid

Thanks to a reader who pointed out, I think the previous pictures of my orchid-like plant should be renamed to Spathoglottis plicata.

It grows well in tropical and semitropical areas as it thrives in great air circulation and very bright light, as well as hot temperature.


The flowers will be in magenta (pink-purple) color and bloom repeatedly, throughout the year.


It can be propagated by dividing the rhizomes, tubers, corms or bulbs (including offsets). It also has seeds which can be germinated.

So after all, my orchid is really an orchid..hehe! Oh, more info found here about Spathoglottis plicata.

Is This Orchid Palm Grass?

I have been searching for the name of this plant for many weeks. When I bought it, I read the tag that says something to do with orchid and palm, so I thought this is another type of tropical orchid.


I have divided the original plant three time, one to give to my SIL and this one, the one blooming in the picture was finally given to my aunt 2 weeks ago.

I think it is Curculigo capitulata, Orchid Palm Grass but when I searched online all it says that this plant has yellow flower that looks like orchid. But mine is not yellow.


I’m still searching for the right name for it but reading the description and looking from the picture they shared, I think I am almost right.

Taken from,

“Not an orchid and not a palm, Curculigo is a genus of stemless perennial tuberous rhizomes resembling juvenile coconut palms. They’re in the family Hypoxidaceae, which is associated with the Amaryllis and Lily families. They hail from tropical Asia, Malaysia, and Australia, and need to be house or greenhouse plants in most of the US. Their low light requirements make them ideal as house palms. Their flowers occur at the base of the plant, and although shaped like orchid flowers, are not as spectacular. The foliage is, though, consisting of strongly ribbed, long, arching leaves on long petioles.”

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