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After much searching I couldn’t find the scientific name for this plant. I only know it as Sepuleh (sepulih?) as that’s what my MIL told me when she gave me the bulb.


I have this Sepuleh plant for more than 3 years now and recently the flowers came out in large head. So since that was the first time I saw a Sepuleh plant blooms ( a bit jakun here..heh!), I told myself I should take the picture to share with others.

Actually I was scared that the plant was dying as all the big leaves dropped out and some small one wilted due to my negligence to water it everyday..heh!


As of now, the flowers are all drying out and the bigger leaves are all gone. There’s only 2 small leaves at the bottom of the plant. Now I wonder whether my Sepuleh plant will go on living or it will die of bulb ache due to my lack of attention to it, heh!

Pegaga – Centella asiatica

I grow this bunch of pegaga plants in a pot since 3 years ago. I am not sure what type of pegaga it is because I’m very sure this is not the one that you make kerabu or eat as ulam.


The pegaga I grow have thicker leaves and although some relatives told me it can be blended into juices, I just don’t feel like eating my decorative plants even though by right it belongs to herbs category..heh!

Since it grows in a pot with water inside, for the past few months it becomes the water indicator for my garden. Usually if the weather is very hot and I am unable to water the plants for 2 days in a row, all the leaves will start to droop and dry out. That’s how I know that all the plants in the garden really need the splash of water..huhu!

I’m still trying to plant the type that people eat for ulam since people says eating pegaga could help maintain the youthfulness..haha!

Kemuning- Murraya paniculata

I’ve been meaning to ask the readers of LamanHati about the name of this flowering plant since September..huhu! But due to my hectic schedule, I keep on neglecting to update this blog until last week when I bought Laman Impiana Nov/Dec07 edition and found the name of this plant.


So here is Kemuning – Murraya paniculata. I bought it at Taman Warisan, Putrajaya together with a few other plants and I have been waiting for it to start flowering. Until finally in early September this year I see that it’s going to produce flower that makes me wonder what’s the name of this plant.

Of course when I bought it, the nursery owner already informed me but with so many plants bought at the time, I tend to forget.


If you never see how a Kemuning flower looks like, have a closer look here. It is so fragrant even the ants like it..heh! The flowers did not last that long so when I snapped this picture, this is the only flower that was still intact on the plant.

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