Kemuning- Murraya paniculata

I’ve been meaning to ask the readers of LamanHati about the name of this flowering plant since September..huhu! But due to my hectic schedule, I keep on neglecting to update this blog until last week when I bought Laman Impiana Nov/Dec07 edition and found the name of this plant.


So here is Kemuning – Murraya paniculata. I bought it at Taman Warisan, Putrajaya together with a few other plants and I have been waiting for it to start flowering. Until finally in early September this year I see that it’s going to produce flower that makes me wonder what’s the name of this plant.

Of course when I bought it, the nursery owner already informed me but with so many plants bought at the time, I tend to forget.


If you never see how a Kemuning flower looks like, have a closer look here. It is so fragrant even the ants like it..heh! The flowers did not last that long so when I snapped this picture, this is the only flower that was still intact on the plant.

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  • u got this? my office planted this in a row from the parking lot… & i have to tolerate the smell.. Some how the scent attacked few of the nerves in my head… :P

  • Hati

    I think if there are too many the intense fragrant would be too much to bear. In my case I only have one plant and it took ages to start flowering..heh! So I guess I could say that I enjoy the scent while it lasts.

  • isnt that jasmine orange? & it blooms in clusters?

  • Hati

    Found its other name on the Internet : Lakeview Jasmine, Orange Jessamine, Chinese Box ‘Lakeview’. One of the pictures they share seems to show the flowers blooming in clusters.

  • newsoul

    Foto bunga kemuningnya sangt cantik. Mohon izin pinjam gambar ini untuk latar belakang tulisan saya ya. Terimakasih sebelumnya.

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  • red

    hai.. minta share pics bg tujuan assignment pharmacocnosy 2.. tq….nnstudent sains farmasi USM