After much searching I couldn’t find the scientific name for this plant. I only know it as Sepuleh (sepulih?) as that’s what my MIL told me when she gave me the bulb.


I have this Sepuleh plant for more than 3 years now and recently the flowers came out in large head. So since that was the first time I saw a Sepuleh plant blooms ( a bit jakun here..heh!), I told myself I should take the picture to share with others.

Actually I was scared that the plant was dying as all the big leaves dropped out and some small one wilted due to my negligence to water it everyday..heh!


As of now, the flowers are all drying out and the bigger leaves are all gone. There’s only 2 small leaves at the bottom of the plant. Now I wonder whether my Sepuleh plant will go on living or it will die of bulb ache due to my lack of attention to it, heh!

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  • Try ‘proiphys amboinensis’. Never did own this. Maybe later will consider including at some corner…:)

  • yupp! proiphys amboinensis – cannot remember the common name in english but sthing with ‘lily’ at the back.
    i hv some pics of the same flower in my FP as well as in my

  • Hati

    It’s known as Cardwell lily. Thanks for the info. Now I know the scientific name of this sepuleh plant..heh!

  • julie

    could it be ‘Fagraea racemosa’ common name False Coffee Tree, Kopi Utan, Kahwa Utan, Mengkudu Utan, Sepuleh, Sepulis, Tembusu Ayer. found the info at

  • Hati

    Hi Julie, I think the one that you found has the same Sepuleh name but it’s not the same plant. Thanks for the info, though!

  • Boo

    The plant’s scientific name is Proiphys amboinensis.

  • farah

    can i get some bulb from u.i willing to but it.

  • Hati

    Farah, I will try to replant the bulb. If it grows then I will contact you. At the moment, my Sepuleh is just recovering after the long months of neglecting it..huhu!

  • Hi Hati,

    Your image of the Hosta flowers are simply awesome. Such a large cluster with almost all blooming about the same time. I’m so jealous! ;)
    Our flowers bloom gradually, adding about 2-3 at a time. I’m not complaining though as I get to enjoy them for a longer period and even to experience them firsthand is itself a blessed gift.