Cabbage Rose – Rosa centifolia

I think what I have in my garden is Centifolia rose, also known as roses with a hundred petals or cabbage rose. Well, at least until I get myself confused with Bourbon rose..huhu! So if there is any rose expert out there, please clarify my confusion.

Taken from the website : Heirloom Roses:

Centifolias are a complex breed of roses that have a sub class called the “Moss Roses”. All are hardy and exude a strong perfume. Bushes range form small to very large depending on the variety. They can be prone to blackspot in areas that have rainy summers. Most are once blooming with a few varieties that are remondant – (meaning they will flower more than once a season).

What I am sure of is that the rose I have belongs to the group of Old Garden Roses. The American Rose Society grouped all the rose types created prior to 1867 in the Old Garden Roses category.

I am not sure what variety or cultivar, my “ros kampung” belongs to. I have tried reading through most of the varieties descriptions but couldn’t find the exact match. However for those looking for fragrant blooms, this is definitely the winner.

I bought this in a home nursery during my balik kampung trip many months ago. I finally managed to get myself a pot of ros kampung..if you remember my previous entry on roses – Rose, Roses Are Red.

Hopefully this one will last long. I have pruned the plant after the first season of blooming is over and now I am waiting for the next bloom.

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  • I am so happy to finally met another rose lover; who has thought about buying an encyclopedia on roses, just to find out the name of the rose.. :)

    It’s quite hard to identify the ros kampong above. I agree with you that the rose is an OGR (old garden rose)as you mentioned, looking at the damask-like flower.

    It is difficult to pinpoint to which classes under the OGR it belongs. We have damask, gallica, alba, centifolia, bourbon, etc… under OGR. For all that we know this could be the newer hybrid perpetual (cross between damask & China).

    I myself has to rest in search for the name of this rose, keep telling myself to just let be and enjoy, and smell it more. Rose by any other name would smell as sweet, ain’t that right?

    By any chance, do visit my blog. See ya.