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My Sunburned Cattleya

It is a crime to neglect all my plants, I know that..but alas I have no time and opportunity to lavish any one of them with the old tender loving care.

The cattleya I brought from old home seems to be doing fine until I moved the pot to a new location. Little did I notice that the new position got so much direct sun light during day time..huhu! Thus the sunburned leaves..sigh!

Despite that the purple cattleya still wanted to cheer me up with her blooms.

I am yet to prune the sick leaves since my gardening shears are rusty (see? I have been abandoning all my gardening tools for so long..isk!)

Taken from the page on Problems With Orchids:



Black or black-edged patches on leaves can indicate sunburn. The leaves of some of the Odontoglossum purebred hybrids can become red during the summer.


Black patches occur when the sun has shone directly on a portion of leaf for too long; it takes less than an hour for the sun to burn the leaves. A little redness in odontoglossums is acceptable, but if they receive too much sun, the leaves will suffer and be prematurely shed.


Once burned, the mark will remain. Prevent sunburn by sheltering plants from the sun. particularly in spring, when the plants are still in their winter quarters and the sun is becoming increasingly bright.

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