Vallaris Glabra-Kesidang Flower

I found these pictures in my May 2011 folder.

It has been a while since I have any good gardening material to write about. I think the Kesidang plant I have at home will only bloom like once a year..haha!

I am not sure whether I have mentioned that I got another pot of Vallaris Glabra or bunga kerak nasi from a nearby plant nursery.

When I bought the second bunga tikam seladang plant, it was flowering. Now I am still waiting for it to bloom again. I have tried using the tut lentur technique (propagate by layering) to propagate the first Kesidang plant I have many years back, but it failed.

I love the sweet scented smell of pandan leaves that come from the blooming Kesidang flowers.

They are such a joy to my heart, see even the ants love them.

I hope I will be able to grow a tall and big plant of Kesidang in years to come so that one day I would be able to make bunga rampai for my own son’s wedding using the flowers..hehe!

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  • Ritz

    The pics of your kesidang look very nice, I’m also a big fan of kesidang. Bought my first plant in Putrajaya last year, one day before puasa. It had two flowers then, and my plant recently had flowers whch bloomed last Sunday, 5th Feb. I was so happy and felt like a grandmother! The sad thing is my plant is in KL and I am back in Sabah – lucky that the flowers bloomed before we flew back here. Haven’t seen the flower in KK, maybe i should try to look harder. Thanks for sharing your harden.

    • Hati

      I know how you feel..I am always happy whenever one of my plants blooms..really make my day :)) I hope you will find kesidang in Sabah soon. The last 4-5 years it was so hard to find nursery that sell kesidang in Klang Valley but starting last year I saw many have them at Floria.

  • Wendy Chai Guat Ong

    Anybody know what is this plant vulnerable against?
    Why they suddenly wither & die?

    • Hati

      Hi Wendy..Thanks for dropping by. I have the same problem as fact one of the big kesidang plants I have at home suddenly withered and shed all the leaves..another one (a smaller one), I just pruned the branch and seems to be surviving..must be the extreme heatwave. Because I checked but there’s no bugs/spider mite/scales attacking both plants..

  • Ritz

    Hi again, didn’t realize it was three years ago that I sent you a message. So happy that my two kesidang is flowering again after it last flowered more than a year ago. Mynplants are more than 7 feet tall now. I hope you plants are doing well and you can use the flowers for your son’s wedding. Have a pleasant evening.