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Paving Your Rose Garden?

If you have been reading this blog, you will notice that for the year 2012 I have decided to plant roses. When I first embarked on this new hobby, I didn’t know that roses need abundant direct sun light on daily basis. So I made a grave mistake of putting those rose plants under shaded area. Now after almost 3 months, they are still recuperating.

For now with the limited space in my front yard, I can only afford to place about 10 rose plants in pots. That’s the only spot where they can get 6-7 hours of full sun daily. I do imagine having a large rose garden in the future. By that time I could plant some on the ground and let the climbers grow up the pergola.

I am also thinking of paving some of the spot with stones, to make it like a small patio where I can sit and enjoy the blooming fragrance of the roses. I would love to have my patio paved with antique cobble or weathered stone.

Oh, if you have access to the leftover of paving stone (after house renovation or driveway make over), please don’t throw them away. Those paving stones are also great for border for your rose garden plot. The natural paving stone is also great to represent the earth energy element in Feng Shui design.

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