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Bunga Bendi

Since I’ve never planted okra/bendi before, I was so fascinated when I saw the plant has flower coming out.

A friend told me that after the flower wilts, the okra/lady fingers bud will start to form.

But I was shocked to find the bud fell down on the floor the next day. At first I thought some insects or bugs ate the bud but after a close look, I just realized that the okra bud fell down by itself.

And then a new flower formed and this time I was lucky enough to take some pictures before it wilts. The bunga bendi looks like hibiscus, right? That’s because they come from the same family.

I am still waiting for the okra to successfully develop. Can’t wait to eat my first bendi that I plant.

Timun Mini

Before I gave birth early this year, I bought more vegetable seeds from One of the vegetables I chose is timun mini (cucumber).

There’s only 5 seeds in one pack so when I planted it a few days ago, I just put one seed in the soil.

2 days later, it sprouted. Amazing!

The above picture was taken today. Do you notice the tiny leaves? I am reading the guide on how to plant cucumber from tanamsendiri blog : Tanam Sendiri-Mentimun

Hopefully my cucumber plant will live long and I get to sample the fruit of my labor :)

Update : Mammoth Okra

Check out my previous entry on this heirloom spineless mammoth okra/lady fingers.

One of the plants died during my confinement period. One barely survives. Fortunately after several days of watering and tender care, it emerges back into a strong okra plant.

Now I can see 3 buds of okra coming out. Really hope it will turn into lady fingers that I can cook.

My son and I planted a few more okra seeds in another pot. They sprouted 2 days later.

I have placed the new plant in the area where it gets more sunshine. We will see how it grows. Will update later.

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