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Hippeastrum reticulatum

This year my hippeastrum has bloomed twice. When I first planted this, I thought it is a pink lily. Later I found out that it is not a lily but amaryllis.

After researching more, I found out that what people thought as amaryllis is actually hippeastrum.

The one that I have is hippeastrum reticulatum. The flowers are pink with reticulated colors on the petals. (Reticulate means having the veins or nerves disposed like the threads of a net)

To make sure that your hippeastrum will reflower, you have to let the bulb retains its original size or gain size. If the hippeastrum has been grown for 2 or more years, offset (daughter) bulblets will be produced. If the bulbs are transferred to a larger pot with the bulblets left attached, you might get a large number of flowering bulbs and create quite a show.

One of these days I am planning to repot the plant. By separating the offsets from the main bulb when repotting into individual pots, I could have a few more pots of hippeastrum in my garden. This type of propagation will produce a flowering bulb in three to four years, which will be identical to the parent plant.

Update on Timun Mini

After a week or two of seeing the timun mini growing well, I decided to repot it into a bigger pot and put obelisk for it to climb.

Amazing how the next day the tendrils grabbed the obelisk.

As this is the first time I tried to plant cucumber, I have no idea what to expect next. I am reading a few articles on cucumber growing. One I find quite useful is this : Growing Cucumber.

Will update more about this timun mini later.

Buah Bendi – Mammoth Spineless Okra

We went away for a wedding for a few days and this is what happened to the buah bendi..huhu! I guess by this stage it will be too woody for me to pick and cook it. I decided to keep it on the plant and let it grow mature so that I can harvest the seed pods from the okra later.

So far, this is the only mammoth spineless okra that managed to bloom from flower to fruit. (Yes, it’s called as fruit even though it’s eaten as vegetable)

Anyone know how long should I keep it on the plant before I can pluck it to harvest the pods? Will the fruit turn brown to show that it is matured enough?

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