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Lavaglut Continued

I have mentioned about this wonderful red rose before in my post Rose Lavaglut.

These 2 pictures were taken in September. At the time it was taken, it was blooming profusely before I neglected it for 3 days.

To save the plant from further abuse (haha!) I have pruned and deadhead it. You wouldn’t believe the level of abuse you could inflict on poor rose plant when you forgot to water it for 3 consecutive days. All the new blooms and leaves wilted.

Since now the rainy season has started, I hope this Lavaglut will keep on blooming great red flowers. They are certainly a joy to look at even in dark, rainy day.

Floria 2011

For those with green fingers looking for productive ways to spend your weekend (apart from gardening in your own garden), you still have the chance to visit Floria 2011. Here is the details:

Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2011

Date: 9th – 17th July 2011
Venue: Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya
Theme: Roses Are Forever

Opening Hours:
9am – 10pm (Monday-Thursday)
9am – 12midnight (Friday-Sunday)
Admission : FREE

I was there last Saturday during the launching by the minister, but it was too dark to take pictures of the outdoor garden display. I hope I could make it again this weekend, this time in broad daylight..haha!

I managed to get some herbal plants from a booth selling such plants there. If you are looking for fragrance flowering plants like akar dani, kesidang and kemuning which were hard to find several years back, do check out the booths there.

Oh, all the pictures above were taken in the indoor garden exhibition hall. Imagine coming back to a home with such rosy entrance..heaven!

Floria 2010

Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival 2010

Date: 10th – 18th July 2010

Venue: Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya

Theme: Tropical Splendour

Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm (Monday-Thursday)
9am – 12midnight (Friday-Sunday)

Admission Fee : FREE

Finally, the floral event that I have been waiting for is coming back to Putrajaya. This time there will be 45 booths open for the whole duration, which hopefully will have more greens and plants to choose from. I have been hoping to buy new plants to add into my garden collection.

Quoting from Malay Mail:

Some of the main attractions at the event will be the display of collections of the heliconia species, floral and garden landscape presenting more than 400,000 flowers; four contests of florals like heliconias, orchids, bonsai and annuals; Photography contest and coloring contest for the young, as well as an indoor pavillion displaying 50 decorative landscapes and floral arrangements of flowers like the celebrity musical garden, the special courtyard garden, tropical paradise and the twillight garden.

Floria Putrajaya 2009

I went to Putrajaya every time they have Floria or flora fest. Last year it was held in Johor Bahru, the year before it was grand with the parade and all. I think this year the lack of budget make it a less grand affair. Floria Putrajaya 2009 will be held from 1st August till 9 August at the Waterfront, Presint 2.

Nevertheless these are among the pictures I managed to take in such a hot weather..huhu! I assume that the tall flower arch symbolised keris..haha!

See those 2 budding DSLR photographers. You could find many more pro photog wannabe in the flower tent..heh! I have to be happy with my point and shoot camera, thus the quality of my floral pictures.

Among my favorite, the purple tapir and her offspring. I really want to see how do they do it, I mean the work of art that these floral contractors do, do they use wet floral foams to keep the flowers fresh all throughout these 8 days?

Check out closely the body of this rhino. It was built using kuaci and all sort of seeds and herbs. Creative, huh?

The seed rhino is accompanied by a few peacocks. I think the theme is Taman Syurgawi – the garden of Eden.

This reminds me of the folklore of sang kancil and buaya. But then here is a tiger embellished with flowers..haha!

I leave you readers with this bed of roses. Oh, they have many more colorful bed of roses in the exhibition tent. Go see the real flowers for yourselves!

Make Your Own Water Fountain

SIL bought this ready-to-assemble water fountain a few months back during her shopping spree at Nilai 3. It took her a few days to chase after the gardening shop to send the items to her house, and once assembled this is how it looks.

Anyway the only thing that she got after paying RM1k++ is the fountain. All the plants she bought separately at the nearby nursery. She even bought some goldfish to put inside the small water container (and she has to clean the water every week ever since..sigh!).

Now that I have moved to my own house, I feel like making my own simple water fountain. From what I read in the gardening magazines and on the Internet, the basic tools needed for any kind of water fountain would be pots, stones, tubing and a pump.

Of course if I want something like what SIL bought, I have to buy a separate unit of resin containers. From what I read, it says that resin is a highly durable material and easier to work with than stone, concrete or other traditional fountain materials.

I will do more local research to find which shop sells such items with good bargain, and hopefully next time, I will be able to do extensive entry on how to DIY my garden water fountain soon..heh!

Butterfly Park – Sentosa Island, Singapore

We went to Singapore in February and yes, I know this entry is way overdue.

Since we always hear about Sentosa Island, we managed to squeeze some times to see what’s the attractions in the island.

I’ve never been to Butterfly Park in KL so I have nothing to compare their park to, but I did love what I saw there.

Although they don’t really have many species, but the environment was very nice. I think even the butterflies enjoy living in there..heh!

Oh, they also have parrot show, so if you are not scared of the parrots (or any furry creatures of that kind) you can have your picture taken with parrots on your shoulder. Definitely not me..heh!

Yellow Mushroom – Leucocoprinus birnbaumii

I think that’s what it’s called after searching about yellow mushroom on the Internet.


I was shocked to see those yellow heads in my plant pot after a hot and rainy day. I think this is what Malay proverb said about cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan – how fast mushroom sprouts after a rainy day. One day there are none, the next day one pops after another.

It’s probably poisonous so since mushroom grows by disseminating spores, I took them out from the pot and yet after a few days I saw a whole new bunch popped up in the same plant pot.

On my third attempt, I managed to evade their growth and hopefully I won’t get to see them again. I know they might be harmless for the plant, but still having something else sharing the soil of my precious flowering plant seems like a pest or weed to me..heh!

Floria 2007 – Flora Fest In Putrajaya

It’s like an annual event to go to Flora Fest held in Putrajaya. This time it was held for 9 days. I was hoping to go on the first day but I was busy with with work and only managed to go on Saturday before it was over. Of course most of the flowers used in the arrangement were all drooping and turning blackish especially the one in the outdoor exhibition.


Here is a picture of one of the floral arrangements that won gold award. Perhaps anyone would like to copy the design to use during the coming festive Raya season..hehe!


Then there was bigger arrangement useful for wedding and party decoration. They all used fresh flowers so it must costs a lot if I were to use this as decoration for party or my niece’s wedding dais.


This one was named Bed of Roses. I wonder what Bon Jovi would think of this..haha! It used a lot of roses. I think I have to buy direct from rose farm in Cameron Highland to really cut cost.

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