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Ethical Products Anyone?

Lately it’s been very hard for me to find time to do gardening in my mini garden. However I did notice that some of the plants and herbs have been attacked by bugs. Most of the healthy leaves have been eaten..huhu!

I was looking for recommended pesticides or herbicides when I come across EthicalOcean marketplace and blog. I have to find a suitable remedy to my bugs problem since I need to put the herbs in my cooking. It has to be plant based, eco friendly, non toxic and every bit ethical to the earth..huhu..tough selection, right!

While browsing through the marketplace, I also found recycled jewelry..(talk about procrastination now, after all who go and spray bugs in the middle of the night..haha!)

It is really inspiring to see how materials like coconut shells being crafted into beautiful and unique jewelry like rings and necklace. Those coconut shells are even dyed with vegetable base.

And not only that, some of the sellers on the marketplace are behind the idea of countering sex slavery in country like India. Their enterprise make social change by helping women all over the world earn money by producing all these wonderful products.

Well, there’s a lot more of ethical aspects that we as consumers have to take into consideration. Next time when I go shopping, I will try to think of how the products have been made and the people behind it.

Oh, this gardenia plant is still safe from the attack of the eating leaves bugs..heh!

Let’s Go Green!

This year I decided to start making effort on going green in most aspects of my life.

After all in the state I am residing now, every Saturday most of the shops no longer give plastic bags. It is a hassle at first, so I either don’t do most of my shopping on Saturday (especially if it’s wet groceries like fish and chicken) or else I will bring my own cloth bag.

Certain times we just bring the shopping trolley to the car, and load everything we buy into the car – no additional packaging apart from the packaging those stuffs come in.

I think if we were to start going green, it doesn’t have to start with making sure everyone plant at least one tree on their own yard (which actually is a good idea considering how hot the weather is these days).

On personal level, we can start rummaging through our stuffs at home and see whether we can upcycle them.

For companies and people in business, they could do their green part by doing one thing or another that is more practical – using digital prints instead of printed promotional materials (which are usually end up being tossed into the bin after a glance or two) and use recycled papers.

One of the best marketing effort I read in the website is how companies should start printing business card info on seed packets or paper containing embedded seeds (I like!!!)

Recently, I’ve also came across several website on social entrepreneur conferences.

I learned that social entrepreneurs are visionary individuals with creative solutions for solving some of the world’s most perplexing social problems. With all the world problems like extreme poverty, educational deficits in developing countries, and the spread of diseases, we certainly need more people with the ideas and the drive to fundamentally shift society.

We might not be one of those social entrepreneur in the making but still we can do a little bit on our part by going green.

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